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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 2, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news. a massive earthquake in the pacific ocean. millions are under tsunami warnings throughout latin america. as we go on the air tonight, the region is being hit by multiple aftershocks and mass evacuations are under way. there is even concern that hawaii could get hit. we've got all the latest. femme fatale. is she a cold-blooded killer or a victim of abuse? >> so you began having sex the first day you met? >> correct. >> this mother of three on trial for allegedly murdering her husband in the same courthouse where jodi arias proclaimed her innocence. >> he attacked me. >> the eerie similarities right down to the bizarre behavior. >> then the next thing i saw the
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hammer going. plus modern gold rush. it's spring thaw. time for an annual scramble for hidden treasures. >> this is it. >> these seven miners on a gonzo mission in one of the most remote places in the world. but will they strike it rich? "nightline" will be right back.
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good evening. we begin tonight with that
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breaking news out of south america. that powerful 8.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of chile just hours ago. the president of chile has declared the northern part of the country a disaster zone, and armed forces are on their way to the area right now. a tsunami advisory has been issued as far away as hawaii with a wave expected to hit there somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 eastern time wednesday morning. in chile itself there are confirmed reports of at least five dead due to either falling debris or cardiac arrest. in one city 300 prisoners escaped. the quake triggered landslides that blocked roads, and there's been a series of aftershocks just as people were trying to evacuate. and now this ominous question. is this latest quake a harbinger of something larger to come? stay with abc news and for the latest information on the quake and the possible tsunami, and we'll bring you an update at the end of "nightline." now, though, we turn to a very
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different story, one that is closer to home. and it involves a woman named marisa duvoir, a young mother of three. in a case of infidelity and violence. it's all playing out in the same backdrop as the jodi arias case. in fact, there are eerie similarities here including the defendant's bizarre behavior and even their defense strategy. will it work this time? we welcome ryan smith tonight on "nightline" with our series "crime and punishment." >> a gruesome crime. salacious details. >> you began having sex the first day you met. >> correct. >> reporter: it's like a twisted case of deja vu. tonight in arizona in the very setting where the famous jodi arias murder trial unfolded the jury is now mulling the case of another young woman with eerily similar circumstances. >> how many times do you think you had?
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>> i don't know. after he touched me i wanted him to know what it felt like. >> reporter: that's 36-year-old marissa dubois. she's accused of killing her husband with a hammer. she pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense snapping after years of physical and sexual abuse from her husband. it is almost the same defense claimed by jodi arias, convicted last year for stabbing, shooting and slashing her long-time lover travis alexander. >> the simple answer is he attacked me and i defended myself. he called me a bitch and kicked me in the ribs and got on top of me and started choking me. >> what are the key similarities between this trial and the jodi arias trial? >> they are both charged with capital murder and they both acclaimed they were abused by their husband or boyfriend, by their lovers. >> reporter: in each case the prosecution painting each defendant as a cold, calculating killer, starting with the interrogation tapes.
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duvoir hours after the killing is seen laughing awkwardly describing the events of the night. >> i saw the hammer go into dale's head. >> reporter: her strange behavior, not far off from jodi arias's conversations with herself. >> you should have done your makeup, jodi, gosh. >> reporter: and handstands. and the blame game. she said she saw her roommate murder her husband, only to change her story to self-defense. >> so stan didn't have any -- stan wasn't even in the room? >> not until after i had already hit him. >> arias had three stories. first, she wasn't there. >> i was nowhere near mesa. i wasn't even close to him. >> then masked robbers killed her husband. >> there were two people there. one was a guy and one was a girl. >> what did he say? >> the girl wanted to kill me, too. >> before event cruelly asserting self-defense.
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>> which story do you want to believe? >> and even that defense bears similarities between the two cases. both claim they were victims of a pattern of abuse, a claim known as battered women's syndrome. but why duvois had a witness to the alleged abuse, her teenage daughter, arias had no corroborating witness. >> the claim is a battered women's syndrome claim and also a ptsd claim. what are the parameters of this kind of defense? >> there was an expert who said she suffers from ptsd. and that is consistent with battered women's syndrome. somebody who has been repeatedly abused. we saw this in the jodi arias trial, if you're suffering from ptsd, maybe a jury will buy it that you just kind of snapped. >> what did you yell -- you said you yelled something. >> i said you don't own me. i hit him over the head and i just kept hitting him. >> but there are a lot of people with ptsd, so it's not necessarily a strong defense. >> and then there's the crime scenes. in the arias trial, the brutal
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crime scene displayed prominently throughout the trial. and in the duvois case, the jury is shown these replicas of her husband's skull, evidence of a savage attack. >> with each blow of that hammer, she's knocking chunks of bone out, she's smashing chunks of bone that have already been broken. she's smashing brain tissue underneath. >> reporter: but significant differences in these two cases. in the devault case the motive nothing at all like the spurned lover prosecutors claim jodi arias was. >> why were you still acting as his booty call? >> i was making a string of bad choices during that time m my life. >> reporter: prosecutors claim marisa devault hatched a life insurance scheme. >> marisa's a woman who likes money. but more than that, she likes easy money. so once the defendant thought that all that money was in place she set her plan in action. she set her plan in action to kill dale harold. >> reporter: money they claim she was going to use to pay back the man she was having an affair
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with from whom she borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> she was incredibly attractive. >> this is not good for the defense because she's not very likeable. >> how does that play into her battered women's syndrome slash ptsd claims? as the jury might see it. because don't you have to have sympathy in order to try to buy that argument? >> yeah. that's a good question. you know, a lot of people will think that if you're a battered woman, then you're weak because you should be able to walk away. and that's not necessarily the case. however, this is a woman, marissa devault, who is strong, who was able to lead a double life. >> reporter: one of their most powerful pieces of evidence, the defendant's own hands. her perfectly manicured nails and light bruising which show little struggle between devault and her husband. >> doesn't appear to be any defensive wounds on her at all. >> reporter: tonight devault's fate is in the hands of a jury while she sits in the same jail as jodi arias, where the two have reportedly become friends.
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>> what do you think is the primary question that they will be asking themselves in that jury room? >> they will probably be trying to put themselves in marissa devault's place in the bedroom the night that she killed her husband. and that's the critical question. was she justified when she grabbed the hammer? >> reporter: devault faces the death penalty if convicted, as does jodi arias, who was found guilty of murder but has yet to be sentenced. >> we the jury do find the defendant as to count one first degree murder, guilty. >> death penalty on the table in this case. what do you think the possibility is that she will get the death penalty? >> prosecutors don't seek death against women that often, because when you look at who women kill women primarily kill their children, their lovers, their husbands. they usually kill people they're emotionally tied to. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm ryan smith in new york. >> coming up next here on "nightline," the seven americans on a mad dash for hidden
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humans do a lot of things to get rich these days. we buy lottery tickets. we invent apps. but tonight we're going to introduce to you seven guys trying to get rich the old-fashioned way, by going on a treasure hunt. and they're doing this in one of the last pristine spots on planet earth. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: it is cold, remote, and inhospitable. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god. >> reporter: one of the last frontiers on earth. but for a few intrepid miners greenland might just be the color of money. >> got a ruby here. probably a 2 carat ruby.
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>> reporter: this team of seven miners went to greenland, hoping to strike it rich. their journey documented on the animal planet show "ice cold gold." last season their first trip was almost a total bust. but then on the very last day, as winter was setting in, they hit paydirt. >> look at this! this is it! >> no way! >> yes! >> no way. >> reporter: a previously undiscovered area they call the red zone. the rocks, studded with rubies and other gemstones, a claim that may be worth millions. the second season, airing now, is all about their effort to make that claim pay off. >> how much did you find? >> none of your business. >> reporter: for thee of the guys, greenland is a world away from home. a place that a century ago was the u.s. frontier, the wild west of the american gold rush. "nightline" caught up with brothers josh and jesse feldman
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and their pal zach, gator, scoose at their centuries-old gold mine in a western boom town. they even gave me a lesson in mining. fulfilling a boyhood fantasy. >> let's see your dexterity. yeah, i think you're good. >> there we go. we're striking it rich. >> reporter: after we dig up the rock and extract a respectable pile of dirt, we have to crush it, see if there's any gold. >> look at that. >> see any gold? >> not yet. >> go through the crusher and shake it out. >> all of this is nothing compared to the hardships in green land for ice cold gold. setting up camp for two months on an uninhabited island to prospect for gold. >> there it goes. >> reporter: the closest modern equivalent to the klondike.
12:55 am
>> looking good, gentlemen. >> reporter: here global warning is uncovering deposits of minerals unseen since the ice age. >> down sneer oh, my god. everywhere. >> reporter: but the miners were not quite prepared for the hardships. >> everything you do there is hard. from all the boat trips to the helicopter trips to all that kind of stuff. it's extremely hard. it's all dependent on the weather. greenland can go from 50 degrees out and it's nice, you're out there in a t-shirt to what the heck happened? a storm comes in. you're freezing, you're wondering if you're going to make it. >> reporter: in arizona, extreme as the desert can be, the process is the same but the stakes aren't quite as high. there is gold in them there hills, but the easy stuff is long gone. >> you get the first honors. right in there. >> don't screw this up, david. >> you've got to put it in here. not over there. >> there we go. see anything yet?
12:56 am
>> nothing. >> not yet. >> but some more material through. this is where the action happens right here, end of the table. >> looks like a chocolate river now. i think you have another trip to greenland, guys. >> reporter: greenland, they tell me, is a different proposition altogether. >> talk me through the red zone. >> the first year when we discovered it, we immediately knew we had something fantastic. when you land your helicopter, we trudge out through the snow and we're wiping the snow away from all the rock faces where we think this should be. we're following the geology and looking at the rock type, seeing what we need to see, and then boom, we hit it. and there's just rubies littered all over the place. >> this is one of the last pristine spots on the planet. >> that's why we're finding -- >> is it going to wreck it when it starts being mined? >> no. >> greenland is the last frontier, but with rules. and we're all too happy to follow those rules. i mean, they're important. ♪ hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work
12:57 am
we go ♪ >> reporter: still, for a greenhorn like me arizona is plenty challenging. they took me down the old mine shaft for a lesson in the delicate art of the chisel. >> here's a rock hammer. all right? >> are you sure this is safe? >> hell, no, it's not safe. this is mining, man. >> reporter: after i get my helmet, josh tells me where to tap. >> anytime you see copper, gold can usually -- can follow it. same thing up in here. there's nice pieces of quartz up in here. and that is good, hard quartz. and that quartz carries gold. and again, don't swing away like an animal. >> like this? >> yeah. just break it out of there. a little harder would be all right. >> right there. >> there it is. here's your piece of ore. got some green on it. >> yeah. >> copper in it. >> you got a good spot. put that in your pocket. you are now officially a high
12:58 am
grader. >> reporter: i may not have struck it rich like the boys in "ice cold gold," but i now understand a little better what it means to hit paydirt. >> go for it. steal some more of our gold. >> reporter: i'm david wright for "nightline" at the mammoth mine in apache junction, arizona. >> clearly too much work to be worth it. "ice cold gold" airs on animal planet on thursdays. coming up next here on "nightline," an update on the breaking news out of south america. that powerful earthquake and the possibility of a tsunami. oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh!
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we have an update now in the breaking news out of south america. that powerful magnitude 8.2
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earthquake off the northern coast of chile. there are confirmed reports of at least five dead from either falling debris or cardiac arrest. mass evacuations are under way at this hour. the president of chile has declared the northern part of the country to be a disaster zone, and armed forces are on their way to the area. there's even the possibility of damage as far away as hawaii, where a tsunami advisory has been issued. waves are expected to hit hawaii after 9:00 a.m. eastern time on wednesday morning, but officials say they are really more worried about strong currents. they're telling swimmers, boaters, and beachgoers to stay out of the ocean and away from immediate shorelines or other bodies of water that feed directly into the ocean until at least midmorning. in chile itself lappedslides blocked roads just as people were trying to evacuate. there were also reports of a mass prisoner escape in one town. this part of the world has been experiencing a series of quakes of late and seismologists are wondering and worrying about whether this is all a precursor to a larger quake in the not too distant future. chile is one of the most
1:05 am
earthquake-prone countries on earth. as you may remember, a magnitude 8.8 quake hit chile in 2010, killing more than 500 people and destroying more than 200,000 homes. we want to tell you abc news and will stay on top of this story. you can tune in for the latest on "gma." we'll have live reports first thing in the morning. that's going to do it for "nightline" tonight. i'm dan harris. thank you very much for watching. good night. >> every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source.
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